Teaching of Disabled persons

Disabled persons continuous applied for ELTE TTK programing and program designer faculty since 1970, when the faculty had open. This profession is very attractive, because they also perform their work from an distant terminal. I had charged to ascertain after 1979 what is the possibility of teaching of blind persons. I'd try to connect to group of workers who made scientific investigations about disable persons in Central Physical Research Institut (KFKI) of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, I work in close co-operation with them in now too. Based on speaker computer family developed by them, and louded PC, in this I succeeded developed an professional laboratory at in early 1980 years. Besides speaker computers, scanner, caracter recognizer programs, Braille-printer helps blind persons work. After called into existence of the teaching center, we'd may permitted to registration of blind students for programing faculty, when ten students finished their study till now. The laboratory is opened for everybody, therefore not only students of the Natural Science faculty, but blind students of Academy Sciences of Law and Faculty of Arts also permanently move in our laboratory. A former blind student superviser and take care of computer system in laboratory in which I'm the director.

We started an collective experiment in common with researchers of MTA KFKI, the aim was employment of a long distant teaching and the informatics up to date instruments common use in education, in order to improve the prospect of blind, deaf, and disable to move persons and we increase their chance. Inform of About this research /10/.

To following this research, respectively for the sake of acquaint and pass on our results to new students, we'd initiate a brand new, actually facultative subject in ELTE in 1998-99 seminar, I'm the leader of this subject. Distant teaching and Informatics facultative subject for senior informatics professional candidate to high-school. Most students of the grade (80%) had choose the subject this is my favourable observation. We hope for teaching this subject, that our graduate students find employment high-schools out in our country, they'll take integrated teaching of disabled students in high-schools upon themself. They'll can encourage teaching staff and headmasterof their school, that they dare to take charge of teaching disabled students, because they'll have knowledge about possibility, difficulty and practicable solution. Probably the instructors who educated by us, is ahead of they time, because can work in this stressed important sphere, as distant teaching.

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